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Advantages and Features

ntegrated Solution Provider on Electronic Shelf Label---Huaxian, we come

  • Huaxian New Retail College

    >ESL solution Research

    >Entity New Retail Research

    >Electronic Shelf Label Industry Research

  • Huaxian Electronic Shelf Label Display Technology

    >Other Display Technologies

    >LCD display module Development and Production

    >Development and Production of E-Paper Display Mode

  • Huaxian Electronic Shelf Label Hardware Department

    >Design and development of Price tag structure and mould

    >R&D and Production of Function Board in Price Label under Wireless Communication Base Station

    >R&D and Production of Price Label PCBA Motherboard

  • Huaxian Electronic Price Label Software Department

    >Communication Protocol

    >Software Functional Interface

    >Software underlying architecture

  • Huaxian Electronic Price Label Technology Support

    >Huaxian Electronic Price Label Training

    >Price Label System Docking with Client System

    >Implementation of the Whole Solution of Huaxian Electronic Shelf Label

  • Huaxian Electronic Price Label Service System

    >National Network Layout

    >Huaxian Electronic Price Label Service Mechanism

    >Huaxian Electronic Price Label Agent Collaborative Service

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About Us

Focusing on R&D team building, adhering to the spirit of "talent first, people-oriented" to develop a talent team

Huaxian Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.

Huaxian Photoelectricity Technology has been devoted to the research and development and manufacture of displaying terminal products for a long time. In recent years, with the vigorous development of new retail and Internet, Huaxian relies on its own R&D advantages in production, gradually becomes a leading provider of electronic price label system solutions in this industry. From market demands and industry trends, structure and mold design, development and production of core components, Huaxian provides partners with electronic Shelf labels and services throughout the industry chain. Our products are widely used in new retail intelligent warehousing, production, home, medical and other fields.

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  • What are the components of Huaxian electronic price label?

    It is composed of price tag, wireless base station and software system.

  • What are the advantages of Huaxian electronic price label products?

    Many product parameters of Huaxian electronic price labels are in the forefront of the industry, with more than 30 product patents.

  • Does Huaxian electronic price label have some price advantages?

    It has the advantage of price competitiveness, the main core components are Huaxian’s own R&D Technology and production, concentrate on making them with better price control ability.

  • How can we be your agent?

    Welcomes to join us. Call and email us for details.

  • What function does Huaxian electronic Shelf label have?

    It has the functions of real-time information modification, content display, assistance in inventory and picking, online shopping, cash register synchronization and so on.

  • How do you ensure your after-sale?

    Huaxian is an R&D oriented manufacturing enterprise. Our Electronic Price Label has a complete after-sales service system to ensure that every customer has no worries about using it.